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3/14/2016 Stephanie Harvey
Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society is now accepting entries for the Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge.
Retired Special Forces teach kids what it takes to survive.
3/14/2016 Fort Villanow
Do your kids have the skills that might save a life? Kids Survival Boot Camp returns to Fort Villanow this spring.
2/10/2016 Dee Doolittle
ASPCA Help A Horse Day
2/3/2016 Stephanie Campbell
“Marketplace” Consignment Shop this April
1/26/2016 Equine Affaire
Fantasia - Equine Affaire at the Ohio Expo Center
1/20/2016 High Hopes Therapeutic Riding
High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc. in Old Lyme, CT seeks an experienced individual who meets the PATH Intl Master Instructor
1/19/2016 Equine Affaire
Ohio Equine Affaire Kicks Off the 2016 Riding Season with Some New Features
Steed Read Photo Contest
1/4/2016 Steed Read Horseman's Classified
Photo contest winner will appear in the February Issue of Steed Read
1/4/2016 Equine Affaire
Affordable Ways to Sell Horses and Promote Stables, Stallions, and Services in Ohio this April
8/5/2015 Equine Affaire
November 12-15 at the Eastern States Exposition in W. Springfield, MA
Volunteer Your Time
3/3/2015 Carriage Barn
Volunteer Your Time
The Carriage Barn Equine Assisted Therapy Programs
3/3/2015 Carriage Barn
The Carriage Barn Equine Assisted Therapy Programs is looking for volunteers to assist with Therapeutic Horseback Riding & Carriage Driving, Fundraising, Events, and Fun Activities.
2/9/2015 Jules Martin
Times are tough for many people & The Kibble Closet is aware of this. We will be providing free dog & cat food for those owners who are unable to afford to feed their pets.